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Facing a shortage of qualified talent and increased competition from both local and remote employers, HR and recruiting professionals may opt to expand their pool of potential candidates to a wider geographic area, adopt a strong pipeline recruiting strategy, improve the screening process, and improve the candidate experience.

In doing so, HR and recruiting professionals may become overextended, creating breaks in the candidate experience and delays in filling high priority jobs. The right recruiting services partner is critical. With 20 years of experience and experts who are nationally focused — not tied to a specific locality or region — CareerGrowthIndia is prepared to help you find top talent across industries and locations.

Partnering with CareerGrowthIndia can help you avoid potential recruiting pitfalls and bolster your workforce — all while pursuing strategic growth. With the appropriate support, you can improve the candidate and hiring manager experience, shorten time to hire, and match ideal candidates — in terms of both skill and cultural fit. Altogether, these efforts will help improve retention and the internal perception of the recruiting process by delivering timely responses and solid candidates.


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    The CareerGrowthIndia Advantage

    Recruiting services from CareerGrowthIndia include: recruiting process management, candidate recruitment and new hire onboarding for specific roles, proactive pipeline oversight, assessments of your talent acquisition methods, retention strategy and design, and more. No matter what resources you need, we are always sure to prioritize finding and keeping the best, most qualified candidates.
    We put our specialized knowledge to work and deliver our services at a price well below the cost per hire you’d typically expect from recruitment agencies or headhunters.Compared to the average recruitment agency, clients can save up to 75% when they partner with CareerGrowthIndia, through our zero-commission hourly model.
    CareerGrowthIndia’s recruiting specialists excel in filling high-skill positions on an as-needed basis building and end-to-end candidate pipeline management. Our team is also adept at helping businesses pursue diversity and inclusion initiatives — and pay equity goals — in the context of the hiring process.