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At CareerGrowthIndia, we can help your company to more effectively source materials and services by outsourcing the procurement process. We are able to relieve the pressure on your in-house purchasing staff to more quickly and efficiently achieve savings. CareerGrowthIndia can provide scalable, cutting-edge procurement solutions to eliminate long-term fixed costs and meet the needs of any client.


Learn more about how CareerGrowthIndia can help you outsource your procurement processes.

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    Strategic Sourcing Overview

    CareerGrowthIndia is committed to helping our clients achieve savings quickly, while also improving all qualitative aspects of the procurement process. We take a strategic approach to sourcing, harnessing our unique skills and experience to optimize the profitability and sustainability of our clients’ supply chains. Our services include custom industry benchmarking, supplier identification, RFx management, contracting, etc.

    Continue reading about strategic sourcing, and how CareerGrowthIndia can help you to achieve maximum savings.